Match Product Safety

Responsible sourcing is important today.  Many match suppliers and distributors care deeply about the products they provide to their customers and clients.  Of course, the varied concerns depend on the product category and the intended audience.  As we are committed to the product safety of all our matchbooks and matchboxes, we researched our suppliers and distributors.  We guarantee their adherence to all the safety standards required.

Safety Awareness

Product safety awareness is specific to the type of product.  Is it a toy?  Is it apparel? Or is it a match?

Matches carry their own set of product safety concerns.  Our product must be safe, but also ignite as intended.  All the packaging must be secure, to contain all of the flammable matches.  The construction use must be appropriate to the specific use.  Is it used in a bar, restaurant, casino, candle, flare, fireplace, or outdoor fire pit?  They have similar uses, but different context.

Short run/Fast turn matchboxes

Responsible Suppliers

We want to be responsible suppliers of promotional products so we work every day to produce a quality product to promote your business.  The striker material on our matches is formulated to work precisely with the proprietary match head formulation.

We only purchase matchbooks and matchboxes from accredited manufacturers.  They make strong and sensitive match heads that blend their striker material to adhere to the outer box or book.  The striker material does not flake off during use.  For these reasons, we feel confident that the finished promotional product will not only be attractive but also work properly and safely.

In today’s safety-conscience environment, it is critical that distributors and clients know what they are purchasing.  We care about our products and care even more about our customers’ safety and satisfaction. Our distributors have the experience and credentials to satisfy all our safety requirements since they have been in business for over 80 years. That’s a lot of strikes!

Try our custom matchboxes!  You won’t be disappointed.