Why are Fancy Matches so Special?

Special meaning

Deluxe Fancy Matchbook and Matchsticks

Artistic matches are a creative commodity on the market today. It not only brings your customers a unique impact but overflows the senses with colors and scents and sounds. The redesigned fancy matches make people realize that as long as any item is innovated, they will create their own new persona. Today, matches are no longer simply burning for “fire”, they have their own words and own story. For the young people born in the 1970s and 1980s, matches from places with childhood memories have been repackaged and redesigned into collectibles.


Fancy matches are a complete revolution to traditional matches. They are made of eugenic wood, which embodies a new technology formula.  These are chromium-free, zinc-free, and micro-sulfur.

Deluxe matchbook and matchsticksThe structure doesn’t matter as much as the design because that is what attracts people to these unique match collections. There are a variety of cute art matches, such as Christmas matches and decorative fireplace matches. These matches are safe, environmentally friendly, and fashionable. We carefully design these matches and package them in sets. They arrive exquisitely printed and become limited editions.

When you find matches in hotels and restaurants, they shine brightly for only a few seconds after they are lit. Then we discard them. In an era of cheap lighters, who else uses this “old antique” way of lighting cigarettes and cigars?   Our fancy matches are so unique because you can select colors, styles, textures and even the scent perfectly “matches” the theme of the book.


The product positioning for fancy matches is advocating the retro, classic, and romantic match culture.  You can also design the original simple packaging of matches into a gift set of matches and candles or cigars or incense or design different historical character memorials, cartoons, movies, and other series. Ignite everyone’s curiosity and be creative, so that matches are no longer simply used as a tool for ignition and lighting, but a symbol of new taste that is saved for posterity!

Try any of our deluxe matches!  You won’t be disappointed.