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How to use customized matchbooks to promote your business, restaurant, fundraiser, wedding or other events.

Matches are Nostalgic Collectibles

Matches Are Nostalgic Collectibles While smoking rates have plummeted in recent decades, that doesn't diminish the appeal and utility value of the match. After all, you never know when a stove might fail to light, or the power might unexpectedly go out. According to many in the business, matchbooks and [...]

Branded Advertising Matches

Branded Advertising Matches Specialty 10-strike imported matches look classy. Why would anyone want to use branded matchbooks or matchboxes to promote their business, product or service?  Do people really use matches?  Or do they just throw them in a drawer? Do they really look at them?  What is [...]

Part III: Decoration Methods and Techniques

Part III: Decoration Methods and Techniques Once you choose the colors, image design and promotional objects for your matchbook, matchbox or other promotional items, the decoration methods are the next big decision.  How is the design going to be put on the item?  There are several printing techniques that can [...]

Part I: Why Printers Need Vector Art

Part I:  Why Printers Need Vector Art You have decided on your campaign medium. You have worked with your marketing department to determine who will receive the campaign gifts and how many you will need.  The art department has prepared the image, font, and size.   You place the order, but [...]

Three Reasons to use Matchbooks and Matchboxes for your Marketing Strategy

In search of the perfect marketing strategy, companies often ignore a time-tested method that has been used successfully for decades within a wide range of industries: creating personalized matchbooks and matchboxes. For businesses, the ability to personalized the look and appearance of these items – including unique colors, messages, and [...]

Market your Business with Promotional Matches

Custom Promotional Matches for all your Marketing Opportunities You can be in a business meeting, at a restaurant after work, or even in a nightclub on the weekend and your business’s promotional matches can be a lifesaver. After all, working men and women aren’t going to carry around press packets [...]

Personalized Cigar Matches as Business Gifts

Personalized Cigar Matches as Business Gifts For decades, promotional cigars and cigar accessories (including cigar cutters and cigar matches) have been a powerful marketing tool, especially for rewarding VIP customers and building customer loyalty. Matches, matchboxes, and matchbooks designed for cigar smokers can be designed down to the last detail [...]

About our Custom Color Matchbooks

Are you interested to promote your business with custom color matches? That’s a great idea. It is one of the most potential solutions to promote your brand. For the past several years, we have served a wide range of clients with the best Custom Color Matchbook collections. Some of the [...]