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Branded Advertising Matches

10-Strike Specialty Matchbook

Specialty 10-strike imported matches look classy.

Why would anyone want to use branded matchbooks or matchboxes to promote their business, product or service?  Do people really use matches?  Or do they just throw them in a drawer? Do they really look at them?  What is their longevity? Are they only a smoker’s commodity?

Our custom-printed promotional matches are a very inexpensive and effective “functional business card.”  Over the 120 years that matches have been in existence, they have always been highly prized collectibles. Appreciative customers distribute them to their friends and family as a method of recommending your restaurant or business.

Whether you use matchboxes or matchbooks to distribute the matches is up to your individual style and the type of message you want to deliver.  Some believe that matchboxes are more formal. Whereas matchbooks are for more casual, everyday uses.

Full-Color Quick Ship Small Quantity Euro Domestic Matchbox

Quick-ship, small quantity, and full-color matchboxes emblazoned with your logo.

But most importantly, NO ONE throws out a matchbox until the last match has been struck! So, your message remains a constant reminder of your business’ service or product or your organization’s slogan.

Practical Uses

Finally, we’re all familiar with their practical use around the house from lighting candles, starting BBQ’s, lighting fireplaces, firepits, and incense, etc. Matches satisfy our primal human need for fire:  warmth, protection, survival.

It is widely known that matches are NOT primarily for smokers! Smokers typically rely on lighters to ignite their recreational tobacco or cannabis products.  Matchboxes and matchbooks are used by everyone. They are left out on counters, desks, and cars. You find them in drawers, cabinets, and purses.

With this in mind, your promotional item will remain in plain sight for months, or maybe even years.  That is definitely worth the investment.